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Who is The Fedora Hat

Hello again, old friends!

the former #Travelologists is back in the blogging game!
While I was offline for almost one year and a half a lot of adventures have happened to me, so I decided to re-launch my blog and share not only my travel stories with all of you, but also some other things that I find interesting like: Food, Fashion, Books, Music and etc.
image3 (1)

I chose the name “The Fedora Hat”, because I wanted something catchy and signature at the same time. Being a girl who wears Fedora Hats since 2012 and has a lot of variety of them, I have always been called “the girl with the fedora hat”. So who else would be behind this blog if not me!


A little bit of sneak peek and what you should expect from my blog: While I was offline I spent 1 year living and studying in Lisbon, Portugal. Meanwhile I traveled a lot, from Scandinavia all the way to Brazil. I kept tracking my diaries, got to know a lot of local, non-touristic places and took a lot of pictures not only with my Iphone, but also with my Film Camera!

eduardo VII

Parque Eduardo VII, Lisboa, Portugal

You should also expect a lot of gifts and give-aways from me, so make sure to spread the word and follow me on FacebookInstagram .

P.S. let me tell you a MASSIVE THANK YOU for using the previous hashtag #Travelologists for more than 2,000 times! We loved every story that we read and every picture that we saw!

You can contact me via e-mail:


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